Indian wife is caught trying to murder her mother-in-law with a rock on hidden camera set up by her husband… who is accused of raping his spouse

An Indian woman has been arrested for attempted murder after being caught on a hidden camera brutally assaulting her 70-year-old mother in law.

Sangeeta Jain is seen strangling her mother-in-law Rajrani, before dragging her by her hair and using a stone to beat her.
Mrs Jain was filmed abusing the elderly woman after her husband Sandeep installed a secret CCTV camera in their home in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh.






Caught: Sangeeta Jain has been arrested for attempted murder after she was caught on camera attacking her mother-in law Rajrani in the family home in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh
Mrs Jain is in the process of divorcing her husband-of-seven-years, who stands accused of marital rape and dowry harassment, but reports are not clear whether he has been charged
Uttar Pradesh police arrested Mrs Jain on Tuesday morning after the video, filmed on January 5, was posted on social media and went viral in India.
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