When a Woman is Done, She is Done – She Would Not Wait for You as in Movies!


By: Anuradha

No matter how modern we think, we would always think about women as ‘soft’, ‘fragile’ and subordinate and not as ‘strong’ as men. That happens naturally with the physical characteristics attributed to women and even though we all agree on giving the right status for women, it is questionable whether we are practising this really.

Something that all men generally think is that his girl should wait until he become perfect. That is to say until he build a new home, have a nice car and complete his educational and professional goals to be with her and to marry her. She always has to play the role of affectionate and loving girlfriend where as he can be arrogant, impatient and rude.

Alright. This is what commonly happens in movies. We see heroine waits faithfully until her man finishes all the shit in world and returns to her. No matter how bad he had been she would accept him as a god and film ends with the typical idea that they lived happily ever after.

But, in truth when a woman is done, she is done. Normally, women prefer to give more chances as they believe in the capabilities of the man she chooses. She hopes for the better and wishes to stay with that one in his bad times and as well as in his good times. But when she feels enough is enough, and then she is done with all the waiting.

The moment that she realizes she is better off without you, she would decide to quite. She would no longer wait for the promising love and affections that you said to give her and instead she would find means to look after her own self. She would not be unsure about the decisions that she made and there would no longer be any space for you even if you are ten times better than the person you were earlier.

You might think “if she can’t handle me at my worst, she doesn’t deserve me at my best”. But, trust me those are just clichés. You are not a demigod to wait for years and years to see that miraculous transformation. She has her own capabilities. She deserves the best. Not someone who is obsessed with his-self.

When you are at one of your lowest points and when you realize how bad it is to let the woman who loved you that much to go, you would be too late then. She would not turn back and of course, any human would not tolerate drama throughout life.

You will meet so many other women in your high time. But, no one would be like her, who stayed with you in the worst. Everyone would go away when they see your dark side and even ‘she’ would no longer be there to embrace you with a warm hug. Just because of your negligence and mistakes, you let her go and now you are too late to ask her to come back.

Don’t take anyone for granted. You should behave well first, you will understand the reality of many things then.